Offering/attending workshops

Offering workshops

We have a great setup for sharing knowledge. There’s adequate space for participants and we offer the required technology. 

Both participants and lecturers can spend the night with us. Our kitchen and service teams happily take care of the catering during the seminar. 

Our annual program reaches an interested audience. We also have systems for online ticket sales. 

As a lecturer, you can therefore concentrate on the content and your participants. That’s what matters. If your knowledge and skills match our philosophy, then you’ve probably come to the right place.

Please ask for more information and introduce yourself briefly.

Attending workshops

Below you can find our range of courses. All topics and lecturers are carefully selected. We are happy to answer any questions. You’re welcome to stay with us or add a mini vacation to your seminar. Please call us early on to book overnight stays.

No upcoming events.

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