We have a colorful flock of chickens on our farmstead. They are mostly ancient two-purpose varieties - including breeds that are extremely endangered, such as the Augsburg Chickens or the Dominique. 

As far as laying performance is concerned, they are indeed not top athletes, but they are very robust and almost never sick. Contrary to what is often assumed, chickens are anything but stupid. Each chicken has its own character.

Our chickens may not lay the greatest number of eggs, but they are certainly the best eggs we can get. No egg, not even a purchased Demeter egg, has shown these properties so far. This is why they have become a popular shopping product in the farmstead shop amongst foodies.

"We are looking forward to producing all of our eggs ourselves in the future."

We usually hatch the eggs on the farmstead. It goes without saying that the roosters are raised until they are ready for slaughter. We welcome and support the involvement of the Bruderhahn initiative. Anyone who would like to find out more about this or simply appreciate it, is welcome to come to the themed evening.

We are looking forward to producing all of our eggs ourselves in the future. We are currently developing concepts for this and hope that it will succeed.

The latter is less up to us, but more to the willingness of the authorities to allow new and sustainable alternatives.

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