A good cocktail consists of several ingredients. Every ingredient should be well chosen but in the end the mix creates the magic. This is also the case with our farmstead team. We are always looking for people with special skills, personality and character. Our collaboration is based on respect for one another, openness to other opinions and the ability to work with others. For example, the opinion of a trainee is just as important to us as that of the head chef.


Working with us is as diverse as the entire farmstead. What is important to us is authentic, pleasant, and respectful collaboration. Everyone should be able to be themselves. We are looking for employees who are interested in sustainability and who are enthusiastic about ecological solutions. We encourage our staff to further pursue interests even if they may not be part of the original job description. Those who work with us do so under fair conditions and are well paid.

We offer jobs in the kitchen, service, office, garden, bakery, housekeeping and handcrafts. We also have everything from full-time employees to part-time models to temporary workers when it comes to working time models. We are flexible.

Our kitchen is a training workplace, offering apprenticeships. There is also the option of working for us as part of a dual study program (e.g. in event management).

At the moment we are looking for a cook with experience and passion. Gladly full-time, part-time but also as a temporary worker. 

In general, we ask that you send us an unsolicited application. There is always work for great people.