Our bread only contains what it should. We reject the use of baking agents, enzymes, artificial flavors and additives. We only use organically grown raw materials of the best quality from our region. Our breads are baked with beech wood from the Ostalb in our wood-fired or stone ovens.


How delicious! Snacking is even better with our cookies. In addition, your purchases support regional producers and create good jobs – they are all hand made. There is no room for cheap fillers or preservatives in our baked goods. You will taste the difference.



Delicious bread is often looking for a suitable companion. What you’re craving always depends on the moment. Sometimes it's great butter with a pinch of salt, or a fine oil and a few herbs. At other times one yearns for a hearty lard bread, or something light and fresh. With a few spreads in the refrigerator you are prepared for all moments and of course for spontaneous visits. At least while there is still bread in the house.


At almost 700 meters above sea level, Bartholomä is not only very close to the sky, but also a health resort and water protection area. No wonder that nature often gives us more herbs in variety and quantity than we can process in the kitchen. We stopped counting at over 50 different herbs.
These herbs are almost exclusively collected by Grandma Lore and dried in the sun or air. They are then lovingly stored and mixed into wonderful herbal teas. When we ask Grandma Lore which herbs are in it, she just smiles and admits that she doesn’t know anymore either. It’s a colorful mix. We don't believe her, but Grandma Lore also deserves having a well-kept secret.


Our gardens provide the best ingredients for delicious syrup. No artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are used in our gardens. Our syrup is great for flavored water, to make lemonade or to create a spritz. We process what the season allows us. If something is sold out, you have to wait another year. Each syrup is made, bottled and labeled by hand. We don't have anything other than “Limited Edition”.